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He is a sharp minded manager with artistically sensitiveness and eyes wide open for the future.


Slavko Avsenik jr.

Perfect combination between art and special view of objects that he is photographing.


Tanja Rihtaršič

Unique & professional.




Mitja Suvorov

Iztok is one of rare gentlemen meaning that his word means something and he would never leave you in uncertain situation.


Natalija Gorščak

Proudly we served

My name is Iztok Kurnik and I have many hobbies but I’m earning money for living as a professional photographer.

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Iztok Kurnik is a photographer, Slovenia. He has been in the music and event management business for more then twenty years but found his true calling in the field of photography. He dislikes addressing himself as a photographer yet is keen of catching extraordinary moments and making them eternal in his work. His photographic journey began on his travels but soon spread on his former work memorizing events he organized. Soon he upgraded photography to video making. Since then he worked for several clients and in the different fields from fashion, lifestyle to travel, latter still being his favourite.

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