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Iztok Kurnik
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Want to collaborate with us or give us some work, ideas, feedback? Feel free to write anything. We are hardly waiting and we will reply to you back with our smile and pleasure.

We collect more than 2.000 events till now. Iztok is also working as Program Director in a 100-years old Culture Centre “KUD CSK FP” but it is temporarily closed regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can order and purchase Royalty Free Images and Videos for one time use or even for multiple campaigns. If you want some material to use in your campaigns you came to the right place. Tell us what, who, where, and how you need it on the images or on video and we will do the rest. Inside, outdoor, make-up, styling, models, shooting – everything. More than 400 different clients can’t be so wrong, right?

We also can provide you a whole package for a website with a web design service. A new one or an update for an old one. Reliable and fast website hosting, digital web design, developing even content if you want. Easy peasy. And yes, we can cover all other Social diseases, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and zillion others too.

We are located right in the center of Europe.